What Gauge Is A Rook Piercing?

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In the ever-evolving world of body modifications, piercings have become a popular form of self-expression, with each piercing having its own unique charm. Among the intricate and stylish choices available, the rook piercing stands out as a favorite for those seeking an edgy yet refined look. But when it comes to the gauge size for a rook piercing, there’s often a bit of mystery surrounding the numbers and terminology. Let’s unravel the gauge mystery and explore what gauge is typically used for a rook piercing.

What Gauge Is A Rook Piercing?

Piercing gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry inserted into the piercing hole. The gauge is measured using a numerical system, with a lower number indicating a thicker piece of jewelry. Conversely, a higher number corresponds to a thinner piece of jewelry. Common piercing gauges range from 20g (thinner) to 00g (thicker), with variations beyond this range for specialty piercings.

Rook Piercing Gauge:

The rook piercing, situated on the inner cartilage fold above the ear canal, typically uses a smaller gauge compared to other ear piercings. The most common gauge size for a rook piercing is 16g or 18g. The choice between these two sizes depends on personal preference, anatomy, and the aesthetic desired by the individual.

Key Considerations:

  • 16g vs. 18g:

The decision between 16g and 18g for a rook piercing is often a matter of personal choice and comfort. Some individuals prefer the slightly thicker look of a 16g, while others opt for the more delicate appearance of an 18g. Professional piercers can provide guidance based on anatomy and the desired aesthetic.

  • Healing Process:

Thicker gauges may have a slightly longer healing process than thinner ones. However, with proper aftercare and hygiene, the rook piercing typically heals within a few months. It’s essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the piercer to ensure a smooth healing journey.

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  • Jewelry Options:

Both 16g and 18g rook piercings offer a variety of jewelry options, including captive bead rings, curved barbells, and straight barbells. The choice of jewelry can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the piercing.

  • Professional Piercing:

To ensure a successful and comfortable rook piercing experience, it’s crucial to have the procedure performed by a professional piercer. They have the expertise to determine the appropriate gauge size, placement, and aftercare instructions tailored to individual needs.


The rook piercing, with its unique location and aesthetic appeal, offers a distinctive way to express individual style. Whether opting for a 16g or 18g gauge, the key to a successful rook piercing lies in seeking the expertise of a professional piercer, maintaining proper aftercare, and selecting jewelry that complements personal taste. As the popularity of piercings continues to grow, the rook piercing remains a classic choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and rebellion in their body art.


What Gauge Is A Normal Rook Piercing?

What should I know about sizing for my rook jewelry? Your piercer will probably be using a 16 gauge needle that’s 1.2mm thick – which is thicker than your standard lobe piercing, which uses a 20 gauge needle that’s 0.81mm thick.

Is A Rook Piercing 16g?

Generally speaking, the common rook ring size range from 6mm to 8mm in 16g. 6mm can be comfortable but snug.

What Is The Size Of A Rook Piercing?

The standard bar thickness for a rook piercing is 1.2 mm. The standard length or diameter is 6 mm, but 8 mm could also be used.

What Kind Of Earring Is Best For A Rook Piercing?

Curved barbells are incredibly popular in rook piercings. It makes great starter jewelry because it won’t tug on your piercing as much as a hoop might, and you can get a barbell long enough to leave space for swelling.

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