What Is Common Board?

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If you’re involved in woodworking or construction, you’ve likely come across the term “common board.” But what exactly is a common board, and how is it used? In this blog post, we’ll explore what a common board is, its characteristics, and its various applications.

What Is Common Board?

Common board is a type of lumber that’s commonly used in construction and woodworking projects. It’s a relatively low-grade and inexpensive material that’s typically made from softwood species such as pine, fir, or spruce.

Common board is often sold in standard thicknesses of 1 inch or less, and widths ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches. It’s also available in varying lengths, typically ranging from 6 feet to 16 feet.

Characteristics Of Common Board

Because it’s made from softwood species, a common board has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from other types of lumber. These include:

  1. Softness: Common board is relatively soft and lightweight, making it easy to work with and cut.
  2. Knots: Because common board is made from lower-grade lumber, it often contains knots, which can affect its strength and appearance.
  3. Grain: Common board has a distinct grain pattern that varies depending on the species of wood used.
  4. Roughness: Common board is often sold as rough-cut lumber, meaning that it hasn’t been planed or sanded, which can give it a rustic appearance.

Applications Of Common Board

Despite its lower quality and inexpensive price point, common board has a variety of applications in construction and woodworking. Some common uses include:

  1. Framing: Common board is often used for framing walls, floors, and roofs in residential and commercial construction.
  2. Shelving: Because of its affordability and availability, common board is frequently used for building shelving and storage units.
  3. Paneling: Common board can be used for wall paneling, particularly in rustic or country-style interiors.
  4. Furniture: Common board can also be used to build simple furniture pieces such as bookcases, benches, and tables.


Common board may not be the most high-quality or glamorous type of lumber, but it’s an essential building material for many construction and woodworking projects. Its affordability and availability make it a popular choice for those looking to build functional, practical, and rustic pieces. Whether you’re framing a house, building a bookshelf, or paneling a wall, common board is a versatile and reliable material that’s worth considering.

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What Defines Common Lumber?

1 Common is a standard grade lumber with a knotty look. No. 2 Common has larger knots. It’s good for paneling and shelving.

What Is The Cheapest Lumber To Buy?

Pine. Pine wood is probably the cheapest wood that you can get on a consumer level, but it is also one of the best wood options when high strength and low cost are needed. Pine wood is sourced from the dozens of different pine species that grow natively around the world.

What Is The Most Commonly Used Board In Construction?

Introduction. Since the mid-1980s, oriented strand board (OSB) has been one of the most commonly used engineered wood-based panels for structural construction in residential sectors in North America.

What Is The Most Common Wood At Home Depot?

The most common are probably Southern yellow pine, or Douglas fir. For those that love woodworking and you’re trying hard to discover detailed plans to build your dream project, you should check this tutorial .


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