What Is Front Pay?

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Front pay is a term commonly used in employment law to refer to a type of monetary compensation awarded to an employee in certain employment dispute cases. It is a form of damages that aims to provide financial support to individuals who have experienced adverse employment actions and face challenges in finding new employment. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of front pay, its purpose, and its significance in the realm of employment law.

What Is Front Pay?

Front pay is a legal term used to describe the compensation awarded to an employee in an employment dispute or wrongful termination case. It is a monetary amount intended to make up for the future wages and benefits that the employee would have earned if not for the wrongful termination or adverse employment action.

Purpose And Factors Considered

  1. Compensation for Future Losses: Front pay is awarded when reinstatement (reinstating the employee to their previous position) is not feasible or appropriate. It serves as compensation for the economic losses the employee is expected to face in the future due to the wrongful termination or adverse employment action.
  2. Mitigation of Damages: The recipient of front pay has a legal obligation to make reasonable efforts to mitigate their damages by seeking new employment. If the individual is successful in securing alternative employment, the front pay awarded may be reduced accordingly.
  3. Factors Considered: When determining the amount and duration of front pay, various factors are taken into account, including the employee’s age, skill set, job prospects, industry conditions, availability of similar positions, and the length of time it is expected to find comparable employment.

Significance In Employment Law

  1. Compensation for Wrongful Termination: Front pay serves as a means to compensate employees who have been wrongfully terminated or subjected to adverse employment actions. It acknowledges the financial impact and potential difficulties individuals may face in securing employment after such actions.
  2. Deterrence of Unlawful Employment Practices: The awarding of front pay can serve as a deterrent to employers, discouraging them from engaging in discriminatory or wrongful employment practices. It emphasizes the consequences of such actions and promotes fair treatment and compliance with employment laws.
  3. Fair Restoration of Economic Losses: Front pay helps to restore the financial losses suffered by the employee as a result of the wrongful termination or adverse employment action. It provides a measure of economic stability during the transition period between jobs and supports the individual in finding new employment.


Front pay is an important concept in employment law, offering financial compensation to individuals who have experienced wrongful termination or adverse employment actions. It serves as a means to restore economic losses and support individuals in their transition to new employment. By understanding the purpose and significance of front pay, both employees and employers can navigate employment disputes with a greater understanding of the potential outcomes and seek fair resolutions.

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What Is An Example Of Front Pay?

About Front Pay

Say that an employee faced a hostile working environment. The toxic climate on the job was so bad that the employee was forced to quit. In a discrimination lawsuit, front pay would be sought to cover the lost earnings the employee would have received if they were able to continue in the same job.

How Do You Calculate Front Pay?

There is no precise formula to determine the amount of front pay. A front pay award is intended to provide compensation for a period of time sufficient to allow the wronged employee an opportunity to obtain similar employment. As front pay is an equitable remedy, the judge usually determines front pay.

Is Front Pay An Equitable Remedy?

Front pay is an equitable remedy, an element of the “make whole” relief available to victims of employment discrimination.

What Are Front Pay Damages In California?

Front pay damages represent a plaintiff’s lost salary and benefits, caused by an unlawful discharge or other adverse action, accruing from the time of trial through some point in the future.


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