What Is Valet Mode?

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Modern vehicles come equipped with an array of advanced features and technologies designed to enhance the driving experience. Among these features is “Valet Mode,” a security feature that offers peace of mind to vehicle owners when entrusting their cars to valet attendants or service personnel. In this blog post, we will explore what Valet Mode is, how it works, and the benefits it provides in safeguarding your vehicle.

What Is Valet Mode?

Valet Mode is a security feature available in many contemporary automobiles, particularly those equipped with advanced infotainment systems and keyless entry. It is designed to restrict access to certain functions and features of the vehicle when it is left in the care of valet attendants, mechanics, or anyone else who may need temporary access to the vehicle.

Key Features Of Valet Mode:

  1. Limited Access: When Valet Mode is activated, it restricts access to specific areas of the vehicle’s system, such as the trunk, glove compartment, and personal settings, including contact information and navigation history.
  2. Restricted Speed: Some vehicles equipped with Valet Mode can limit the top speed or acceleration of the vehicle, ensuring it is driven responsibly while in the care of others.
  3. Valet Key or PIN: To activate Valet Mode, the owner typically uses a secondary key fob, a separate valet key, or enters a unique PIN code, which temporarily enables the mode.
  4. Monitoring: Valet Mode may also include a feature that records data or takes photographs using the vehicle’s built-in cameras, helping the owner keep track of the vehicle’s condition and location.

Benefits Of Valet Mode:

  1. Security: Valet Mode adds an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorized access to personal items in the glove compartment or trunk.
  2. Privacy: It protects your privacy by concealing personal information, such as phone contacts and navigation history, from prying eyes.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that certain features of your vehicle are inaccessible while in someone else’s care provides peace of mind when using valet services or leaving your vehicle for servicing.
  4. Preventing Joyrides: Restricting the vehicle’s speed and acceleration can deter valet attendants or service personnel from taking unauthorized joyrides in your car.
  5. Monitoring for Accountability: The ability to monitor the vehicle’s location and condition while in Valet Mode can help ensure accountability and responsible handling.

How To Activate Valet Mode:

The process of activating Valet Mode varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Typically, it involves one of the following methods:

  1. Secondary Key or Fob: Some vehicles come with a separate valet key or secondary key fob that, when used, activates Valet Mode.
  2. PIN Code: Owners can set up a unique PIN code through the vehicle’s settings menu, which must be entered to enable or disable Valet Mode.
  3. Infotainment System: In some cases, Valet Mode can be accessed and activated through the vehicle’s infotainment system, typically in the settings or security menu.


Valet Mode is a valuable security feature that provides vehicle owners with added control and peace of mind when leaving their cars in the hands of others. Whether you’re using a valet service at a restaurant or entrusting your vehicle to a service center, Valet Mode ensures that your personal items remain secure and your vehicle is handled responsibly. As automotive technology continues to advance, features like Valet Mode exemplify how innovation enhances convenience and security in our everyday lives.

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Can You Drive In Valet Mode?

Valet Mode does many useful things to keep your Tesla safe, so let’s go through some of the most important ones. In order to drive your car while it is in Valet Mode, you must use the Tesla key card, and the vehicle’s maximum speed is limited to 70 mph.

Does Valet Mode Lock The Car?

Depending on the vehicle (or remote starter) manufacturer, a valet mode may also: Shut down the remote starting function or only allow it through your smartphone app. Only allow the key fob to lock and unlock the vehicle.

How Fast Can You Go In Valet Mode?

Valet Mode restrictions the following features: Speed limited to 70 mph. Acceleration restricted to “Chill”

Where Is Valet Switch Located?

Typical locations for valet switch: Under the driver’s side dash (mounted in the under-dash covering trim panel or wire-tied to a harness) Mounted in the driver’s side kick panel. Mounted in the steering column plastic housing.

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